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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  April 24, 2012 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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plus the trial of the former presidential candidate john edwards. how the cancer-stricken wife found out. from a phone call. he cheated on his wife while she was dying of cancer. and now the man who was once famous for his $400 haircuts stands accused of using campaign cash to hide an affair. tonight, the prosecution's key witness describes how he says john edwards funneled the money. plus, the secret service hooker scandal. >> there are a number of investigations going on. we need to get to the bottom of. >> shepard: now word a top female agent was the one to put an end to all those shenanigans in colombia. and, digging for gold in space? >> i'm chris and an asteroid miner. >> plan to mine precious
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metals. it may happen a lot sooner than you think. first from fox this thursday night. soap opera details from the trial of john edwards including the mistress bat phone. the former senator and presidential candidate had a secret phone to talk to his mistress. his friend, the testimony goes, would keep it for him because his dying, cancer-stricken wife knew something was up. john edwards claimed there was only a one in three chance that he was his mistress' baby daddy. calling her a, quote, crazy slut. that's just some of what we learned today from the former campaign staff andrew young who once pretended he was that baby daddy. young is the star witness in john edwards' trial. the former senator and presidential candidate accused of using campaign cash to hide his affair with rielle hunter and her baby. this happened when john edwards was running for president in 2008 and when his then wife elizabeth was battling breast cancer.
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the disease that eventually killed her. his daughter was by his side today. testimony about how her mother elizabeth found out about the affair. that brings us back to the bat phone. jonathan serrie at the courthouse, greensboro, north carolina this afternoon: difficult testimony to hear about that bat phone, jonathan. >> it is, indeed. and the bat phone came about when elizabeth edwards answered her sleeping husband's phone not saying anything, rielle hunter was apparently on the other line and started talking. assuming it was her lover that she was speaking with. edwards confronted her husband and told her to fire hunter, which he did. but according to andrew young, that former edwards aid, the affair continued. that's when young started carrying that additional bat phone which he said he would leave for edwards when he was heading on trips out of state so that he could still communicate with hunter. young also said john edwards asked him to claim paternity of his illegitimate child to
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keep it out of the media spotlight. listing all the reasons he needed to be president. he quoted edwards saying andrew, they don't give an explicative about you. they want me. shep? >> shepard: jonathan, really this trial is all about money and we learned a lot more about that today as well. >> that's right. andrew young says that edwards instructed him to approach that wealthy, elderly philanthropist bunny melon because she had earlier offered to pay for his $400 haircuts when they became a campaign issue. you remember this viral video of edwards caught on camera fixing his hair. according to young, melon funneled money to her interior decorator who would cosign checks with young's wife using her maiden name. the youngs would use the money to pay for rielle hunter's luxury accommodations, travel and even a bmw he said. later another donor fred barron provided lavish
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accommodations according to young, hunter was often unsatisfied with those accommodations and demanded upgrades, shep? >> shepard: jonathan, thanks. of course john edwards daughter kate as i mentioned earlier has been sitting directly behind her father in court listening to all these details about how her father cheated on her dying mother. kate edwards is an attorney, a harvard grad, law school there. as hard as this may be to believe, some observers say kate may be giving her father legal advice. witnesses report john edwards and his attorneys consulted with her a number of times in the 45 minutes the other day in court. kate edwards temporarily gave up practicing law after her mother died of breast cancer in 2010. the secret service agents involved in that colombian hooker scandal were, quote, a couple of knuckle heads. that part of what the president said today in an interview on nbc's late night with jimmy fallon. the comedian but right now t appears this scandal is not going away. and here is why. the connecticut independent
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senator joe lieberman, the chairman of the senate homeland security committee said today whistle blowers are calling in tips about the secret service he didn't give details but said there will be hearings going back an entire decade. a dozen agents and military members have been partying at a hotel. reportedly refused to pay one of the women. bheab things will still work out for her. because a police officer working the case she will be famous and be on the cover of playboy magazine. we now know the identity of the female secret service agent who swooped in to handle the scandal. the one who sent the agents packing after everything hit the fan. her name is paula reid. this is a picture of her in 2001. guarding then president bush.
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secret service would not confirm or deny. we're told she is the 46-year-old boss for the south american region, african-american woman and mostly white male agency, said to be pretty tough. the "the washington post" reports one of her colleagues said and i quote: did you it in her house so you better know she is going to come down hard. and apparently she did. doug? >> the president's comments on late night with david fallon came just before the secret service announced another round of dismissals stemming from the scandal. two more officers have resigned. termination proceedings have begun against another and two others were cleared of major wrong-doing bringing the total number of officers gone now to six. hours earlier the president said and i'm quoting: the secret service, these guys are incredible. they protect me, they protect our girls, a couple of knuckle heads shouldn't detract from what they do. what they were thinking i
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don't know. those contrasts in congressional investigators. charles grassley ranking member of the senate judiciary committee told radio iowa today the suspected prostitutes including the one that ignited the ruckus could very well have been russian spies. earlier he was asked if he thought the white house was hiding something. >> i have no basis for that now. but the extent to which they are very transparent as the president promised he would be is going to alleviate any concern about these questions we he have. >> senator grassley wants answers sent within two days. >> shepard: rule tomorrow on defense motion drop all charges bradley manning used online tame brad ass 87 to
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millions of documents to online missile lowers wikileaks. they claim the leak did no harm. reveal how much damage brad ass really did. mad cow disease we learned today has now returned to the united states. the agricultural department infected dairy cow in california. the new case is but the fourth time mad cow disease has popped up in the united states. and the first since 2006. the vast majority of cases of mad cow disease were in the united kingdom in the mid 90's. fortunately we are told this cow involved in the latest case did not make t into the food chain. in some instances eating parts of infected cattle can kill you after wasting away your brain. the first u.s. case in 2003 caused serious headaches with the beef market countries blocking exports. mexico the first country to claim this it has no plans to
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suspend beef trade with the u.s. more than 200 all important delegates are up for grabs tonight in a bunch of east coast primaries, and while the republic race is not over yet. mitt romney says is he looking ahead to november. your primary coverage is next. and drew peterson. the former police sergeant who kept losing his wives. r. is now reportedly heading to court on murder charges. that's ahead from the journalists of fox news on this tuesday fox report. teachers.
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with endless possibilities, what will you create? ♪ learn more about the new select series x310 with power steering at >> shepard: 47 minutes to go until the first polls close on this primary night. republics are still voting. even though mitt romney has pretty much wrapped up the nomination. his aides say he will be focusing on his next opponent tonight. more than 200 delegates at stake in these five states. analysts say they are expecting mitt romney to pull off a clean sweep. they say he not watching
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tonight's returns in any of these states. campaign carl cammeron live at romney's primary night headquarters. manchester, new hampshire, carl, new hampshire? >> sure, and the banner reads better america begins tonight mitt romney the winning began in new hampshire. the home of the first primary where he scored his first victory. amounts to something of a victory lap. ever since rick santorum has been out his competition has been nominal. he will declare pivot. shift to general election mode over and say that the general election is now on and the nomination battle is essentially over and it's time for republicans to face exclusively on taking out president obama in the fall, shep. >> if you belief what we are hearing, i mean, it sounds like newt gingrich may be getting the message that this thing is over already. >> well, there were soundings from deep within his campaign insiders for the last three weeks have been saying what newt was looking for was a strong night in delaware this evening. a high note, after which he
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could bow out more gracefully. it's looking more and more unlikely that newt is going to -- mr. gingrich is going to start raising money and kind of momentum could be be restored to revive his campaign. he and family members have been saying for the past couple of days what insiders have been saying it will be difficult to have a serious reassessment of political future probably as early as tomorrow morning. entirely like whether i 4.5-million-dollar debt and really not much prospect of reversal and turn upward that newt gingrich will be bowing out of the race once and for all very soon, shep. >> shepard: carl cammeron manchester, new hampshire tonight. topping economic headlines recent rise in foreclosures is hurting home buyers and sellers. 7% fewer families bought new homes last month. analysts blame that steep drop on banks stepping up foreclosures. that's because when banks resell foreclosed houses deep discounts that lowers demands and drags down the average home price. u.s. stocks posted gains thanks to solid posted
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earnings and new optimism in europe. dow up 74. s&p up a. nasdaq actually dropped about 9. the computer giant apple reports blockbuster profits. its second quarter earnings nearly doubled from last year. ipad sales up 151%. and i phone ceals up 88%. the news exceeding expectations and sending apple shares soaring in after hours trading. the excop who keeps losing his wives is apparently ready to face the music. drew peterson, who can forget? fox news confirms is he dropping his appeal and he is set to go on trial for the death of his third wife. police say he drowned or police say she drowned in a dry bathtub in 2004. investigators originally ruled her death as an accident. they reopened the case after drew peterson's fourth wife stacy peterson vanished in 2007. police say he is still a suspect in her disappearance but he claims he is innocent in both cases. we just marked two years since
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the disaster in the gulf of mexico and tonight the feds have filed the first criminal charges. ahead, we'll tell you what they accuse one bp employee of doing while toxic oil gushed into the gulf. plus, cops have nabbed suspects in the deadly truck heist. they say the guy who made off with millions was paid to guard that cash. and if you think cigarette prices are out of hand ha ha, well, we're about to tell you where folks could have to pay $80 a pack. to stay at rest... while a body in motion tends to stay in motion. staying active can actually se arthritis symptoms. but if you have arthritis, staying active can be difficult. prescription celebrex can help relieve arthritis pain so your body can stay in motion. because just one 200mg celebrex a day can provide 24 hour relief for many with arthritis pain and inflammatio plus, in clinical studies, celebrex is proven to improve daily physical function
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>> shepard: it took many months but cops say they finally nabbed the armoured car guard running down his partner in pittsburgh. gunning him down and shooting him. leaving him to die there and
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taking off with the $2 million the truck he w suppose pod protect was carrying. cops say when they found him he he helped lead them to the cash at least what was left of the cash. he hid more than a million dollars of the loot in a storage lockner florida. the rest of the money still missing. he had been on the run since february. here is a look at the crime scene. not clear how investigators found the suspect in a first place, fbi agent said it appeared that the guy couldn't keep his mouth shut about his fancy crime. the feds have filed the first. the 2010 gulf oil spill. and they are going after a former engineer at bp. the justice department accuses him of scrubbing more than 300 text messages from his iphone. some of which detailed how the top kill method of plugging the leak was not working. and the feds say he knew he was under investigation when he hit delete. a judge released him today on $100,000 bail. of course, that rig explosion killed 11 people. hurt more than a dozen others.
7:21 pm
and unleashed more than 200 million gallons of oil into the gulf of gulf. one scientists who explored that blast site after the spill said it was like a, quote, graveyard of corals. steve harrigan live in our newsroom. how important is this arrest, steve? >> shep, this former 50-year-old bp engineer was not a big fish. part of a team trying to find out how much oil was coming from that well after this blew up it is significant though because these are really the first criminal charges filed against any bp employee, significant too because it shows that while bp officials were telling the public they had a plan to cap the well, it was clear that inside bp, engineers knew fully well that that plan was impossible. shepard. >> shepard: you were in grand isle as we marked two years since that offshore wig explosion. is there any sense of folks, i don't know, getting back to normal or moving on? >> they are certainly trying to, shepard. there was a clear sense that the beaches have gotten much cleaner. it smelled a lot better. two years on it, it's still a
7:22 pm
very rough place in grand isle. bp has spent more than $14 billion over the past two years to try to clean things up. and there is real concern that if there are more criminal charges in this ongoing federal investigation, it could begin to change the perception there and undo some of this work and make more people think it was not a spill but a crime. shepard, back to you. >> shepard: steve harrigan in our florida newsroom tonight. some folks eventually have to pay more than $80 for one pack of cigarettes. new zealand's government is reportedly considering a drastic increase in the price of a pack to discourage people from smoking. that's according to our sister network sky news for great britain. it's not just an idea. well, i should say it is just an idea for now. either way the $80 price tag would not take effect for about 8 years. using cocaine literally rots your brain. that's according to tiny scientists. it eats away at gray matter,
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shrinking brains at twice the rate of normal aging. the drug induced brain rot is concentrated in the areas that deal with attention, decision-making and memory. showdown at the he supreme court over arizona's controversial immigration law. but senate democrats say they have already begun working on a backup plan in case the ruling doesn't go their way. plus, look at this, a woman falls right through a hole in a sidewalk. watch, gone. we'll show you again. and explain how that happened. next. [ horn honks ] hey, it's sandra -- from accounting. peter. i can see that you're busy... but you were gonna help us crunch the numbers for accounts receivable today. i mean i know that this is important. well, both are important. let's be clear. they are but this is important too. [ man ] the receivables. [ male announcer ] michelin knows it's better
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>> shepard: the nfl hall of famer dion sanders says his estranged wife and one of her friends broke into his bedroom and attacked him in front of their kids. she was arrested last night out now after posting bond. nothing new from officials. here is a tweet that knee on dion sent out. pray for me and my kids now. they just witnessed their mother and friend jump me in my room. she is going to jail and i'm pressing charges. prime time later posted a photo. it shows deion and his sons filling out police reports. today, sanders, who was once a bride of sorts himself, his estranged wife told reporters she is innocent and that she is not getting a fair shake in all of this. a judge has ordered her to stay away for the couple's texas mansion for the next two months. dramatic rescue after a sidewalk collapses and a woman
7:28 pm
falls into a 20-foot hole. it tops our news around the world in 80 seconds. china. a surveillance camera, captured the whole thing. this woman was walking down the street in a northern province when the pavement suddenly gave way beneath her. a cab driver saw her fall and climbed down into the hole with her. they couldn't climb out rescue crew us arrived with a ladder. bahrain, police battled pro-democracy protesters in the capital city yesterday. the violence broke out after the funeral of a man killed in demonstrations last week. rioters burned car tires, police responded with tear gas, at least 50 people have died since antigovernment rallies began more than a year ago. colombia. heavy rains in the south caused a deadly mudslide that buried a home in a small village. officials say it killed at least four people.
7:29 pm
colombian air force helicopters patrol the region as part of rescue efforts. we're told at least 36 people have died in rough weather, since the nation's winter season began last month. germany, a baby monkey makes its public debut at the frankfort zoo. zoo keepers are raising the young male after mother rejected it at birth. they hope to put the monkey back in the zoo's enclosure after they finish bottle feeding it. that's a wrap on this fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. i'm shepard smith. this is the fox report. it's the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news. the president today kicking his re-election campaign up a notch. trying to reach a group of voters who helped put him in the white house. college student he did so by highlighting education costs and exploding debt crisis. >> this country has always made a commitment to put a good education within the reach of all who are willing
7:30 pm
to work for it. that's what makes us special. >> yes. >> that's what made us an economic super power. that's what kept us at the forefront of business and science and technology and medicine and that's a commitment we have to reaffirm today. in 2012. >> shepard: the president went on to say that he too graduated with what he called a mountain of debt. the problem is many of these students these days can't find a job to help them pay off what they owe. it's the top story at the bottom of the hour. ed henry is on it live in bolder, colorado tonight. this seems to play right into the re-election strategy, fight for young people, fight for the middle class. >> it really does, shep. the president had been hanging back during the republic primaries a little bit. now he is clearly crafting a general election strategy. built around standing up for the middle class as well as young people as you mentioned. so perfect to hit these three college campuses for north carolina, now here in boulder, he will be here in a few moments, on to iowa tomorrow.
7:31 pm
the bottom line is the president is jumping on the fact that if congress doesn't act by july 1st, student loan interest rates will double to 6.8%. enables him to stand up for little guy but also remind everyone that mitt romney is rich. take a listen. >> i didn't -- talking points about this. i didn't just get a policy briefing on this. michelle and i have been in your shoes. like i said, we didn't come from wealthy families. >> governor romney check mated the president a bit though by saying look, he supports these lower interest rates as well. and then he used it as a chance to it blast the president on the issue you mentioned which is the fact that the reason why students need these low interest rates is because they are having a hard time finding a job right now, shep. >> shepard: you know, the president, according to the polls at least, owns the young people vote. the problem is, those same polls indicate young people aren't nearly as fired up about this election as they were back in 2008. >> because the president is
7:32 pm
not the new thing anymore. you will remember the reason they were fired up and why the president had a two to one advantage among younger voters against john mccain in 2000 will is that he was the change agent. when you talk to independent political analysts, they say, look, it's hard for the incumbent to sell himself to young people. take a listen. >> now that is he an incumbent. popular and also responsible for the direction of the country. some of that shine has worn off with younger voters. >> and when we look at fox news polling over the last three years, the president's favorability rating with voters under 30 years old has actually dropped by 5 percentage points. he has still got a lot of younger voters but not as many as 2008. he has got some work to do shep. >> shepard: ed henry boulder, colorado this afternoon. the president turning to the late night audience in his push to reach younger voters is he sitting tonight with jimmy fallon and segment
7:33 pm
called slow jim the news. that's a segment in which fallon and his guests turn news stories into something a little smoother. >> what we said is simple. now is not the time to make school more expensive for our young people. [ applause ] >> oh, yeah. [ laughter ] you should listen to the president. or as i like to call him the preview of the united. >> it's not president obama's first appearance on the late night circuit. back in 2009 david letterman's guest, in 2010 the daily show with jon stewart and last year he sat down for an interview with jay leno. immigration now sure to be an issue this election season. we will see how big it's led the obama administration to sue the state of arizona over that state's controversial law which goes before the u.s. supreme court tomorrow. that law requires police to
7:34 pm
check the immigration status of anybody the cops stop if they suspect that person is here illegally. that's the rub. bans illegal immigrants from working in arizona or even applying for a job there even before the justices hear the arguments. senate democrats are working to block the measure. today they held a hearing on a proposal to require federal approval of any state immigration law. and, remember, this issue goes beyond arizona. five other states have similar laws tied up in the courts. james rosen with the news. is he live in d.c. this evening. hey, james. >> shep, good evening. senate republicans boycotted the hearing chaired this morning by new york democrat charles schumer with one calling it a dog and pony show. >> the case is in the courts that's going to be argued tomorrow, and the timing of the hearing suggested to us this was either an attempt to influence the court decision, which would be improper, or simply to create a political side show. >> witnesses at the hearing included the author of the
7:35 pm
arizona law, known as sb 1070 and the author of a repeal measure in the arizona state senate. backers say 1070 addresses the crisis created by the 12 million illegal aliens in america. opponents call it code for racial profiling. senator schumer says the law is he drafting will address that. >> states like arizona and alabama will no longer be able to get away with saying they are simply helping the federal government, quote, unquote, to enforce the law when they are really writing their own laws and knowingly deploying untrained officers with the mission of arresting anyone and everyone who might fit the profile of illegal immigrant. >> flagging u.s. economy has led to decrease in illegal im. 800,000 people have been deported. >> shepard: might help president obama win the very red state of arizona this year. there is a new poll that shows right now it is a toss-up in arizona. the arizona state university
7:36 pm
survey shows mitt romney leading president obama by but by two points. that's a statistical tie. analysts say it won't be easy turning arizona blue. republicans still have the edge in voter registration and the state has only voted for one democratic presidential candidate since harry truman and that was bill clinton. another hearing today in the united kingdom phone hacking scandal. the witness today james murdock. the deputy chief operating officer of news corporation, which is the parent company of fox news channel. one of the key questions, what did he know about phone hacking by reporters at the news of the world tabloid james murdock used to run the newspaper division in the united kingdom. >> i was given repeated assurance as i said that these practices that they -- that the newsroom had been investigated. that there was no evidence. i was given the same assurances as they gave outside. i have been very consistent about it. >> shepard: news corporation shut down the news of the world tabloid last summer.
7:37 pm
the company's chairman, rupert murdoch is set to testify at this same hacking hearing tomorrow. a close call for firefighters in california after a manhole exploded in their faces. its some incredible viewedio. we will show it to you next. plus, bombshell accusations of cheating in the nfl against the same team at the center of that bounty scandal. how a top new orleans saint official reportedly rigged a system to spy on rival scoches. it's saints gate at the superdome coming up. have created a wideange of new choices. developing smaller portion sizes and more low- & no-calorie beverages... adding clear calorie labels so you know exactly what you're choosing... and in schools, replacing full-calorie soft drinks with lower-calorie options. with more choices and fewer calories,
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america's beverage companies are delivering.
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everybody on board is safe. you will recall last week a bird forced a delta strike to it make emergency landing at jfk. passenger recorded it all on ipad. can you see a flock of birds go right by the cabin window and go in there. flew right into the engine. nobody was hurt. who could forget 2009 the birds that took out both engines sully as you will sullenberger calmly landed. jennifer hudson hung her head and closed her eyes today as an investigator testified by finding her murdered family members. and when prosecutors showed the gruesome photos of their remains, she stood up and walked out of the courtroom. the singer's former brother-in-law is accused of slaughtering her mother, brother, and nephew in a jealous rage back in 2008. jennifer hudson took the stand yesterday weeping openly as she told jurors her family
7:42 pm
didn't want her sister to marry the suspect. he has pleaded not guilty and claims he wasn't even in the area at the time of the killings. well, the evidence against the baseball legend roger clemens is a mixed up hodgepodge of garbage. that from his lawyer today giving his opening argument at the clemens perjury retrial. -- i should say opening statement. prosecutors accused the form are pitcher of lying to congress in 2000 when he denied that he ever used steroids. the first trial ended last year in a mistrial because the feds introduced some evidence that the judge said they couldn't introduce. if convicted roger clemens faces up to 30 years in prison. a brand new bombshell has just hit the new orleans saints. the fbi and the louisiana state police now report they are looking into whether the general manager there mickey loomis rewired his superdome suite so that he could spy on his game deo pony nents. this after an anonymous source told espn that loomis set up a
7:43 pm
listening device to eavesdrop. the source says this went on for nearly three seasons that would be a federal keim if true. one saints official calls the accusations 1,000% false. of course, it's just more bad news for who dat nation. the saints still dealing with fallout from bounty scandal. you will recall nfl officials say got cash bonus for injuring. suspended loomis for eight games in that mess. now there is this. fox report jonathan hunt is on it loomis and others are speaking about these accusations. they are like this is a load of it? >> we haven't actually seen mickey loomis since the report was aired by espn. he did send a very strongly worded email to the fox affiliate in new orleans which read, in part, this report on espn is absolutely false. it just didn't happen. by coincidence, the saints had
7:44 pm
already scheduled news conference today at which the allegations obviously came up with the interim coach offering a folsom defense of his general manager, listen. >> i'm not completely abreast of what's taken place or what's been said. i just know it's not true. i know what mickey has meant in my life and what he has meant to a lot of people around the ring. you can't find anybody to find fault with mickey loomis and that's the truth. >> obviously the truth will come out now that there are criminal investigations underway. >> shepard: whether true or not this is another blow for this organization. >> it is. we remember how they flew so high in that 2009 season and subsequent super bowl victory. even if this did end in 2005 as the espn report suggests, then it would detract from that victory. the question some experts say will now be asked across the league is everybody doing this? listen. >> every team is going to have that cloud of suspicion over
7:45 pm
their operations. you know, people in regular fans are going to ask themselves is this team taking part in these types of activities and it's a shame because i would guarantee that i would think that at least 90%, 95%, 99% of teams are not. but you never know. this is the cloud that's going to be thrown over it. >> but, for now, the focus is on new orleans and the question once again is whether the saints have become sinners. shep? >> shepard: brown bags back. jonathan hunt, thank you. two california firefighters investigating smoke from electrical volt under a sidewalk got a 10-foot fireball on the face. and police caught it on dash cam looky here. [explosion] >> hello. one of the men blown right into the bushes. knocked him out cold. as the others try to rescue him. another explosion. eventually they dragged him to safety. both firefighters went to the hospital. police say their injuries were minor. the gold rush could soon move
7:46 pm
to outerspace. how some explorers now say they want to mine asteroids for fuel and expensive minerals. that's coming up on "the fox report."
7:47 pm
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7:49 pm
>> shepard: forget offshore oil drilling for a moment. the next search for fuel could go off planet and soon. today, some very wealthy businessmen laid out a plan to start mining asteroids. of course, first you have got to catch them. they predict this would have a fueling station ready in just eight years. here's the idea. work with me now. robotic space ships would squeeze valuable fuel out of the asteroids along with precious metals like platinum and gold. it's solid.
7:50 pm
may sound farfetched, um-huh. but the tycoons behind the plan say it could become a multibillion-dollar industry. and they include some very big names. the film maker james cammeron google ceo larry page and executive chairman eric schmidt. trace gallagher is in our west coast news hub. what kind of fuel is them asteroids. >> they are actually filled with water, shep. in space the water can be broken down into liquid oxygen as well as liquid hydrogen and converted. convert that all into rocket fuel. the idea is because water is so heavy and expensive to bring into space you just tap what's already out there. and then literally you just wait for space ships to come flying by, listen. >> if we're able to successfully deploy and mine for water, we're going to create a network of propellant depots of gas stations that literally open up the roadways to the rest of the solar
7:51 pm
system. drastically reduce the cost of deep space exploration. >> also the platinum metals that they mine can be used for things like medical devices, batteries, as well as electronic devices back here on earth, shep. >> shepard: propellant stations along the roadways to the heavens. how does one find an asteroid and how does one extract these goodies? >> well, and that's the first part of the plan. is they're going to send up these space telescopes. 2 feet long and control them remotely. they tell us at any given time there are some 9,000 asteroids that are flying by earth. some are a few meters wide. some are 10 miles wide. the company says this all sounds kind of like science fiction and it does. but they say it's legitimate. listen. >> this company is not about paper studies. this company is not about thinking and dreaming about asteroid mining. this company is about creating a space economy yawneld the earth. it's about building real hardware. it's about doing real things
7:52 pm
in space to move the needle forward. >> asteroids are actually pieces of planets that never actually formed into planets. shep? >> shepard: right on. come a long way since spacely sprockets. here is a chance to own a piece of the apoll loy mission. the first astronaut michael said this patch traveled on the mission back in 1969. he, neil armstrong and buzz al doctrine all signed it up. it's all up for auction and could fetch some $60,000 or more. the fight for market share in the competitive smart phone industry is heating up in a legal challenge between apple and motorola. international trade commission judge deciding today that apple violated a motorola patent in its popular line of iphones and ipads. patent is for eliminating noise interference during voice and data transmissions. members of the itc will now
7:53 pm
review the judge's decision. the final ruling on the case expected in august. google is now breaking into the online storage market. the internet search giant announced its newest service called google drive. it acts as a digital filing cabinet of sorts. storing your personal documents all in one place. the latest product is google's response to the growing internet storage wars. which include services from apple and microsoft. polls are closing minutes from now and four of the five states holding republic primaries today will check in with campaign carl cammeron at romney headquarters. plus, for those days when you really want a burger, but you also need a pizza, there is a solution that combines the best of both. it is food utopia, and it's straight away. g heartburn. [ horse neighs ] hold up partner. prilos isn't for fast relief. try alka-seltzer. it kills heartburn fast.
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>> shepard: now we know pizza and cheeseburger fell in love and gave birth to -- talking
7:57 pm
about cheeseburger pizza. mini cheeseburgers baked into the crust topped with veggies and what they say is a special sauce. the master pizzas are available across the middle east but sadly no countries across north america. updating some of fox top stories tonight. the nba lakers star known as metta world peace just suspended seven games for elbowing an oklahoma city thunder guard james harden. the former aide who helped john edwards hide his pregnant mistress from dying wife said edwards had a bat phone to keep in touch with said mistress. polls are set to close in four of the five states holding g.o.p. primaries today. the presumptive republic nominee mitt romney isn't in any of those case. near is carl cammeron. he isn't wrapped up the nomination so why is he in new hampshire. >> it's symbolic and meant to send a signal across the country for all intents and
7:58 pm
purposes romney believes the general election is all underway. no more pivoting to it the nomination race is over. nominal competition remaining for newt gingrich and ron paul. return to where his first win was. taking a victory lap the fact it's a swing state where he will be spending a lot of time. 15 swing states new hampshire is one of them. that's where he will spend his time. >> shepard: more talk about v.p. candidate. >> that's right. he campaigned rubio yesterday. tim pawlenty the co-chairman says is he still not interested. bob mcdonald the virginia governor says if somebody asking you to think about it and you should. he radios referring to himself. carl cammeron at the party. carl, thank you. and on this day in the year 1990, the hubble space tell coast launched into orbit aboard the shuttle "discovery." at first, hubble had lots of problems. remember there is trouble with hubble. mainly the mirrors inside. that led to blurry images.
7:59 pm
once nasa got it all fixed. the pictures started pouring in and they were spectacular. photographs from deeper in the coz nos than everyone had ever seen. hubble revolutioned niced nearly all aspects of astronomical research. despite the success it's set for retirement to make way for a new more powerful telescope. hubble began colorful career 22 years ago today. and now you know the news for this tuesday, april the 24th, 2012. for the journalists of fox news, i'm shepard smith. we're back tomorrow afternoon for "studio b" noon pacific time. 3:00 eastern time. now though it's prime time. analysis and opinion starts now. >> bill: the reporting live factor is on. tonight. >> right party. >> ku klux klan? give me a break. don't go there with me on


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